Top Brand Cycles is now stocking INFINIT Nutrition because Gill said we were crazy not to be!

Gill O'Malley completed 38 Castle Hills a couple of weeks ago (it took 19 hours) and her nutrition was approx 90% INFINIT ":GO FAR" and ":JET FUEL" with a couple of bananas, peanut butter sandwich, 2 x gels and a McDonalds frozen coke for good measure! Gill said that each dose of Go Far and Jet Fuel gave her enough nutrition for 3 hours and she feels that she has recovered the best ever after such a big event (of which this was the biggest!)) and she was back on the bike after 4 days.

:GO FAR and JET FUEL formulation have all the calories, electrolytes and protein that you need to go all day long - or just for those long weekend rides.

:GO FAR tastes great, even warm, and will not sour in the heat. Remember, most everything tastes fine while sitting on the couch. The real test is how does it taste long into a workout and after it sits in the sun for 4 hours? If it is not drinkable, you will not get the calories and electrolytes needed to perform your best. · :GO FAR blends three different carbohydrate sources (maltodextrine, glucose and sucrose) and enables your body to process calories up to 30% more efficiently than other commercially made products available.

:GO FAR has an exclusive Electrolyte Blend. INFINIT's exclusive Electrolyte Blend is composed of natural Sea Salt, Potassium chloride, Magnesium gluconate and Calcium Lactate gluconate. . Developed by INFINIT staff nutritionist Kim Mueller MS, RD., this perfect blend of these essential salts gives the athlete everything they need for racing or training. There is no need to supplement with salt tablets or have to juggle pills while running, paddling or riding your bike. ·

Proteins in Greek translates into "to take first place," a feat many of us in the endurance world would like to accomplish. :GO FAR contains 4 grams of INFINIT Ultra-pure whey isolate which has a unique ability to curb your hunger so you don't have to eat. But most importantly, it is absorbed properly and without any stomach issues or bloating.

:GO FAR is made with 100% all natural ingredients with zero artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours.

18 serves per tub OR buy as required in a sachet
No Gels or Bars needed!!
:GO FAR tastes great too – even mixed with water straight from the tap. It doesn’t sour in the heat and isn’t so sweet that flavour fatigue is an issue; a definite advantage on race day!
100% all natural ingredients with zero artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours.


We are also stocking NAPALM Run - make powder into gels!

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